Written by Richard Winham  |   February 10, 2016 

Last Summer the Nashville songwriters Don Goodman and Steve Dean met Mathew Sembervech, a veteran of the Second World war. Dr. Sembervech is 92. He was at Erlanger for one of a series of re-hab sessions at the hospital. Don Goodman and Steve Dean were in town for an Operation Song session. Every week the veteran Nashville-based songwriters come to town to lead a therapy session with a group of military veterans. The veterans tell their stories about their experiences in the war while the songwriters help them turn their stories into songs. The two songwriters were introduced to Mathew by a nurse who told them he was a man they had to meet. He has many harrowing stories about his experiences in World War Two. The songwriters turned one of his stories into a song called “Ensign Matthew.” Here’s Don Goodman.


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