This compilation Operation Song album contains tracks from 2016, 2017, and 2018 from the Nashville Vet Center. Includes “Let it Go” by Joe Eden, “Gator Navy” by Ken Gamble, “Family” by McKinley Smart, “I Ran To It” by Geoff Wright and JD Salyer, “Boo Koo Dinky Dow” by Bob Pierce, “My War” by Michael Cowger, “Ready for the Ride” by LD Cornelius and Don Goodman, “A Place Called Vietnam” by Dennis Julianna, “The Boy and the Man” by Stephen Mossner, “Vietnam Blues” by Phil Reyes, “Two Old Warriors” by Dave Clemenz, “Toe the Line” by Nick Reed, “Ray Loved Carolyn” by Ken Gamble, Mac Smart, and LD Cornelius, “Project Run to an Army Grunt” by Gary Robinson and Wil Nance, “He Took My Place” by Gary Lima and Wil Nance, “My Carol My Angel” by Everett Trumpower and Wil Nance, “How Do You Mend a Purple Heart” by Terry Gould and Wil Nance, and “Sing Me Back Home” by Neal Hooper and Wil Nance. All songs were co-written by Bob Regan.

Enjoy thoughtful melodies from our beloved veterans as they name the unnamable and communicate the unknowable. Empower veterans by supporting their music and stories through Operation Song. Make a real difference for only $9.99.