Written by Chris Castle, Music Technology Policy    |     June 22, 2018

“In a world in which everything is subject to the passing of time, art alone is both subject to time and yet victorious over it.”
― André Malraux

I wanted to call your attention to Operation Song, a nonprofit run by our friend Bob Regan the songwriter.  It’s a wonderful organization that describes itself:

Operation Song™ is a 501(c)(3) non-profit based in Nashville Tennessee founded in 2012. We pair professional songwriters with veterans, active military and their families to help them tell their stories through song. We hold weekly workshops in Middle Tennessee and sponsor events and group retreats throughout the U.S. Those we serve need no musical background, only the desire to tell their story. In a typical session, the songwriter listens and encourages the participant to lay out the “puzzle pieces” of his or her experience. Together, they arrange those pieces into verses and choruses. The result is a complete song that they can call their own.

One should never underestimate the healing power of song and the importance of crystallizing the expression of experience.  That expression of experience in a song is one way we can be victorious over time as Malraux said.  Hey, it worked for Homer.

If you’ve ever been on an Honor Flight, you may have wondered about all the stories those vets had to tell if people wanted to listen.  Very often those stories don’t get told because the guys just don’t talk about it.  Operation Song is one way those stories not only get told but also are preserved.

I commend Operation Song to you and congratulate their efforts.  You can donate online if you’re inspired to do so, or pick up some merch or listen to the music.

Here’s an example of their work:

Source: Music Technology Policy