The Mistress

Written with the late Jacke Ahlers about military spouses feeling that they sometimes have to share their husband with a “mistress,” the Army. Vocals by Tamara Stewart.

Tennessee Me

This song was written by Jimmy Ray Sells with some help from Don Goodman and the Murfreesboro OpSong group. The term “Volunteer State” came up and this song was born. ​Jimmy Ray on vocals.

Not For You

William Lestienne (aka Bill Listo,) Bob Regan, Regie Hamm. William wanted to speak his mind so we laid down a track and let him vent his feelings about the demon of PTSD.

Additional tracks can be heard on SoundCloud or you can listen to our latest CD “We Got Your Six” on iTunes , iTunes Music, and Spotify.

Our latest CD “We Got Your Six” is now available on iTunes , iTunes Music, and Spotify.

Chattanooga Rain

​Written with Lori Wyatt.

“This video is incredibly personal to me and was very difficult to make. With help from the amazing people at Operation Song, they helped turn my words and my pain into something beautiful. We love you David.”

Staff Sgt. David Wyatt is one of the “Fallen Five” in the 7-16-15 terror attacks in Chattanooga. Vocalist Minnie Murphy, co-writers Steve Dean and Don Goodman.

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This program is amazing…what you are doing for these veterans will be life changing and I thank you.

Veterans Administration Therapist

This was the best day of my life.

Andrea, songwriter